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Kisekae: Rainier Series by WyvernsBlade
Kisekae: Rainier Series
I decided to make a reference-ish on the various sets Battleship Rainier can have. :3

One of them is kind of a new idea. x3

They are as follows:

This is the Rainier's standard paint scheme and gear. The black and blue combination adds style as well as some natural camouflage on the waters. Rainier is build with heavy defense and offense and good mobility and is able to take a huge amount of punishment and give it back with interest, thanks to her missile launchers and heavy guns. She is the finest of the Dreadnought Armada.

Once at Level 50, Rainier can be upgraded to Elite Status. This variant has improved stats across the board and features a new paint scheme. The black and red paint inspires both fear and awe to any who witness it, and shows the might of the Draconian Navy at its best.

New Lunar Republic:
In service of Princess Luna, this version of the Rainier has been modified exclusively for night time activities. The retrofits included infrared, night-vision, and thermal-based sensors, updated radar and sonar systems, and a "Night Shield" experimental stealth system, which allows the Rainier to be completely invisible in the night unless firing. In addition to these detection upgrades and stealth, her already-impressive attack range has been improved. Solar Empire captains will have all the reasons to fear this night-sailing war machine.

If the Rainier happens to be sunk, she will come back as one of the Abyssal Horde's seemingly endless armada. As a former command ship, she has the ability to summon smaller Abyssal ships into the fray. This version has been modified to fit laser batteries and have some improved defense at the cost of health and speed. She is prone to go berserk if she takes enough damage in battle. Use maximum caution when facing this Abyssal monster.

So that's all four types of Flagship Rainier. :3

Made in Kisekae. :3

Battleship Rainier belongs to me. :3
Kisekae: Merry (Early) Christmas 2014 by WyvernsBlade
Kisekae: Merry (Early) Christmas 2014
WARNING: Has an obscene amount of nudity, massive fuel tanks/bewbs, lewd, and a couple of drunk shipgirls. View at your own risk, and if you don't like it, GTFO. :icongtfoplz:

I'll admit, this is very early for me to put a Christmas pic up like this... x3

Even more so is the amount of lewd this pic has. :3

Long story short, this is the Flagship Rainier, Greta Spader, a Draconian Dreadnought, my friend Matt's OC Celina, and is that a Forsaken Triton? o_O? Well, as long as she doesn't do anything too dangerous, we'll be fine.

Anywho, all of these fillies want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful (and very sexy) night. :3 So relax, enjoy yourselves, and hope y'all get good presents. :3

Me? Well, honestly, I don't know what to get exactly, but I'm hoping to get me Forza Horizon and Forza Horizon 2. Or either of the two, will do. x3 Those two games are very awesome. :3

Also, Rainier's pose was the first time I tried something like that on Kisekae. So far, it looks good. x3

So yeah. Enjoy these fillies being their usual selves in their off time. :3

Made in Kisekae. :3

Flagship Rainier belongs to me. :3

Celina belongs to mah good friend :iconmattman93: :3

And eurbody else belongs to "A Bits-Hungry Company." :dummy:

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a wonderful and sexy night! :dummy:
Kisekae: Feel Like A Monster by WyvernsBlade
Kisekae: Feel Like A Monster
I have been listening to a little too much Monster by Skillet to get this idea. x3

Basically, the rundown is that Rainier has her Shinkaiseikan (Sunken/Abyssal) version locked up inside her mind, and it's struggling to break free. :O

If it does happen, who knows what mayhem will be unleashed? o.O

Made in Kisekae. :3

Both Rainiers belong to me. :3

Here's the tune:…

"I feel it deep within, It's just beneath the skin, I must confess that I FEEL LIKE A MONSTER!"
Luna Booty gif
Remember that gif of Twily shaking her ass at Cadence with the caption "BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY ROCKIN' EVERYWHERE?" :dummy:?

I decided to make another one with the same caption. This time with Luna as Kenpachi Ramasama from Two Best Sisters Play Persona 4. XD

So, yeah. :dummy:

:iconlunahuzzahplz::iconsaysplz: The booty has been doubled! :dummy:

Made in Memecenter. x3

Video:… XD
Kisekae: Battle Pirates Then Vs. Now by WyvernsBlade
Kisekae: Battle Pirates Then Vs. Now
So, yeah. :dummy:

Back in the day, it was all about Levis and FFs. And legit hulls. x3


Made in Kisekae. :3

All the boats belong to "A Money-Hungry Company." :dummy:
I forgot to mention I do gaming videos of Battle Pirates and Vega Conflict. :3

Here's the latest one:

Here's one of my favorites. :3

And possibly my most popular video. :3

Check mah channel here and enjoy the awesome. :3…
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United States
The one and true Prince of Shadows. :3

Types of RPs I can do:
Any kind is fine. EXCEPT YAOI.

People who I trust:
Pretty much most of my watchers/ friends. :3

For your viewing pleasure of me blowing stuff up, go to my YouTube page. Videos hot off the bat when available. :3…

Good people:
:iconneutral-death: Good friend, great World of Tanks player. Also, E-75s make arguments invalid, and he has and E-75, so... :3

:iconechoofmystery: One of my first DA friends. Great guy overall and good DBZ-er. Also, we occasionally troll each other. :trollface:

People who I despise/wish Rosalia Virus on:

:iconl45tf0r3runn3r: For EPIC Mary-Sueing and taking EPIC offense at nudity. Status: Perma-Blocked. It'd be a waste of time and intelligence trying to get through to that brick.

People who I accepted apologies from:
:iconmarine1337: Admitted to Mary Sue-ing and high crimes against the Empire. I might forgive him a little bit.

RP Wars:
Quit. They just aren't enjoyable anymore. :P

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