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Kisekae: Southern War Oni's Revival by WyvernsBlade
Kisekae: Southern War Oni's Revival

And yeah, this is the first random thingy I made in a long-ass time. Almost like I actually went to bed for thousands of years. :dummy:

BB and South get reacquainted, now that South is in her War Demon form. :3

Granted she still doesn't like BB's somewhat cheery personality. x3

Original here:… :3

Made in Kisekae and arranged in Paint. :3

Battleship-Symbiotic Hime and Southern War Oni belong to Kadokawa Games. :3
Kisekae: Nagamon Problems by WyvernsBlade
Kisekae: Nagamon Problems
So I decided to make me a Nagato in Kisekae. And a skit. :3

Flagship Rainier introduces her to some of her Abyssal friends. Unfortunately, when she got to Hoppo-chan, Nagato revealed her Nagamon side. So she had to be promptly shown the door. :XD:

This is also a reference to an episode to a popular TV show back in the day. If you get it, I will give you a cookie. :3

Made in Kisekae. :3

Arranged in Paint. :3

Flagship Rainier belongs to me. :3

Eurbody else and Kantai Collection belongs to Kadokawa. :3
Kisekae: Battleship Symbiotic Hime by WyvernsBlade
Kisekae: Battleship Symbiotic Hime
Decided to make another Abyssal Hime on Kisekae. :3

This one is the Battleship Hime, one of a lot of Abyssal leaders, and quite literally the most numerous of the bunch. x3

One of the Abyssal leaders. She comes decked out with heavy firepower in the form of her guardian beast-machine and comes with 6 powerful 16-inch guns in two triple turrets. Unlike any other Hime in the Abyssal Horde, she is most known for how many times she has appeared in a battlefield. While precise intelligence reports are scant, it's quite possible that more Battleship Himes exist than all other battleship classes in the Horde, even more than the venerable Ru-class and deadly Re-class. While she is a strong fighter on her own, she prefers to use her cunning and her looks to disorient her targets, and then bring them to heel with her guns. On occasions, she spends time with Seaport Hime and Northern Ocean Hime.

Made in Kisekae. :3

Battleship Symbiotic Hime and Kantai Collection belongs to Kadokawa Games. :3
Kisekae: Rainier's Patriot Paint by WyvernsBlade
Kisekae: Rainier's Patriot Paint
*FREEDOM INTENSIFIES* :iconinamericaplz: :3

Got bored, so I gave Rainier another paint to try on. :3

Needless to say, it screams 'Murica from bow to stern, port to starboard. x3

If you need a dose of Freedom, this paint is where you'll find it. :3

Made in Kisekae. :3

BB Rainier belongs to me. :3

Fun Fact: Rainier's name is also from Mt. Rainier in Washington. :3

Don't be afraid to correct me if I'm wrong on the state the mountain's in, though. ^^
Travelling on Facebook, sees a friend post a picture of a game about ships, decides to try it out. :3

Best, Find, Ever. :3

The game is called Naval Front-Line: Web Alpha, and it's a very good ship combat game. You start off with a small destroyer of any of five nations currently in the game: Japan, Amareica, Britain, Germany, and Russia, and you use your ship to blast others out of the water. You can also do these missions that take you into scenarios of real WW2 naval battles, like the Battle of Java, Invasion of Norway, Hunt of the Bismarck, and others, and get bits and experience depending on how many hits you land and how many kills you get. And the best part? NOT MADE BY WARGAMING! :3 No offense, but their game economy and mechanics are monster amounts of bullshit. :shakefist: But really, no Stealth Tanks or Arty to fuck you over in the ass, no speedy as fuck light or medium tanks to do some bullshit on your ass, and NO RNG. :D Seriously, RNG is SUCH a monster peeve in WoT it's downright absurd. Anywho, I recommend this game for any seafarers out there. :3

GREAT game economy
Moolah Moolah Moolah Moolah Rockin' Everywhere! :3
Customizable boats
Armor can actually block. Unless hit by AP.
Name yer boat. :3
You get an anime filly as an officer. :3
Stagger Fire.
No offense to Wargaming, but this game is just LOADS better than those abominations of mechanics in your Tonka Trucks game. x3 Yes, I officially called World of Tanks World of Tonka Trucks. :XD:

Somewhat hard-to-use controls, until you get used to them.
Can't use all guns; have to use them in groups.

All those aside, this is still a good game. :3
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
The one and true Prince of Shadows. :3

Types of RPs I can do:
Any kind is fine. EXCEPT YAOI.

People who I trust:
Pretty much most of my watchers/ friends. :3

For your viewing pleasure of me blowing stuff up, go to my YouTube page. Videos hot off the bat when available. :3…

Good people:
:iconneutral-death: Good friend, great World of Tanks player. Also, E-75s make arguments invalid, and he has and E-75, so... :3

:iconechoofmystery: One of my first DA friends. Great guy overall and good DBZ-er. Also, we occasionally troll each other. :trollface:

People who I despise/wish Rosalia Virus on:

:iconchiefmageddon: For EPIC Mary-Sueing and taking EPIC offense at nudity. Status: Perma-Blocked. It'd be a waste of time and intelligence trying to get through to that brick.

People who I accepted apologies from:
:iconmarine1337: Admitted to Mary Sue-ing and high crimes against the Empire. I might forgive him a little bit.

RP Wars:
Quit. They just aren't enjoyable anymore. :P

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