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Kisekae: Rainier's Patriot Paint by WyvernsBlade
Kisekae: Rainier's Patriot Paint
*FREEDOM INTENSIFIES* :iconinamericaplz: :3

Got bored, so I gave Rainier another paint to try on. :3

Needless to say, it screams 'Murica from bow to stern, port to starboard. x3

If you need a dose of Freedom, this paint is where you'll find it. :3

Made in Kisekae. :3

BB Rainier belongs to me. :3

Fun Fact: Rainier's name is also from Mt. Rainier in Washington. :3

Don't be afraid to correct me if I'm wrong on the state the mountain's in, though. ^^
Battleships Forever: B61 Heavy Battleship Project by WyvernsBlade
Battleships Forever: B61 Heavy Battleship Project
It's been forever since I made a new creation on the Battleships Forever Shipmaker. :3

So this time, I decided to create a new more simplified battleship design based on a hull I was working on last year. :3

I originally named it the Dauntless-Class, but eventually I decided to call it the B61 Project.

This prototype class of battleship is intended to replace the Imperial Wyvernian Navy's aging Lei Fang and Lei Ru class battleships. It combines heavy rail gun firepower with heavy beam weapons to combat a variety of targets. In addition to its rail gun weaponry and beam cannons, it also carries a few Tachyon Repeaters and four Vulcan Cannons for additional attack power. This design of battleship is still in the development stage, so it's possible more weapons are planned to be added. As for its armor, it has thickened armor over its vital areas like the power generators and engines. Its shielding has also been enhanced, able to take a massive pounding before giving out and needing to recharge. The vessel is capable of reaching 60 knots at cruising speed and 80 knots in full speed when travelling outside an atmosphere. A few details in the blueprints hint that the B61 will be able to mount a new EMP Beam Emitter to disable enemy vessel's systems. So far, there is only one active prototype.

I'll keep working and deciding what other weapons to add on this new creation. :3

UPDATE: B61 now has three plasma torpedo launchers positioned between the Twin Rail Guns near the middle of the ship. It also has additional Flak Guns near the Dual Beam Turrets, four Siege Torpedo Launchers in the rear, and a Plasma Bolter near the core of the ship.

Made in the Shipmaker. Battleships Forever belongs to Sean TH15 Chan. :3
Kisekae: Novastorm by WyvernsBlade
Kisekae: Novastorm
Meet the Novastorm, the Reavers' latest siege battleship build from Draconian Dreadnought X-Types. :3

Rebuilt from Draconian Dreadnought X-Types, the Novastorm is a new addition to the Reaver hordes. Like its former vessel, the Novastorm boasts the inherent defenses, Mortar Reload, and explosive buffs the Dreadnought X has when fully retrofitted. Unlike the DNX, however, the Novastorm sacrifices a weapon slot for two more armor slots, and it lacks the maneuverability the former has. That may still be enough, since this Reaver monstrosity was designed to make full use of their newest Searing Barrage and Pandemonium Mortars to blanket enemy bases with black metal rain. The Novastorm is also the only known vessel to have an inherent defense against fire and ice fields left behind by Reaver weaponry and Draconian Impulse Launcher shockwaves or those from Draconian Cryo Launchers. No production records exist yet, but when the Novastorm rolls out of the dockyards, few bases are safe from the black rain this ship unleashes. There is also a limited version of the Novastorm that allows any mortar-chucking vessel to fire faster, and be more resistant to tactical fields.


Armor: 5,550
Max Weight: 12,060
Weapon Slots: 7
Armor Slots: 6
Special Slots: 4
Cargo: 3,926,764
Evade Bonus: +10%
Map Speed: 25
Combat Speed: 11
Turn Speed: 12
Anti-Mortar Evasion: 30%
Fire Field Resistance: 25%
Fire Field Speed Bonus: 60%
Ballistic Defense: +30%
Explosive Defense: +40%
Missile Defense: +40%
Radioactive Defense: +50%
Mortar Reload: +100%
Spread: -30%
Splash: +50%
Air Weapons? No
Underwater Weapons? No
Repair Modifier: 150%

Actual Hull Blueprint:…

Expect this thing to roll out in the upcoming raid, Descent. :3

Made in Kisekae. :3

The Novastorm belongs to "A Money-Hungry Company." :dummy:
Kisekae: Abyssal Himes by WyvernsBlade
Kisekae: Abyssal Himes
A few of the Abyssal Himes, plus one Oni, from the Kantai Collection world made in Kisekae. :3

First off is the small, adorable, but tough Northern Ocean Hime, also known as Hoppo-Chan. :3

Rainier's Report: The smallest of the Himes, but the most adorable out of all of them. She tends to come up with something silly yet adorable at times. Often, this drags her big sister, Seaport, along with Airfield, Isolated Island, myself, and others. Rumor has it she constantly gets hounded and harassed by "Nagamon." Then again, who would NOT want to cuddle her?
PS: Remind me to pack a Zero or Reppu in my cargo hold.

Next is the big, lovely, yet shy and sensitive Seaport Hime, or Harbour Princess. :3

Rainier's Report: Naturally the biggest of the Himes, and considered my best friend. :3 She's the big sister of Hoppo, though I think of her more as a mother than just a big sister. While she doesn't look anywhere like a combative type, I would strongly advise against messing with Hoppo. She has detachable claws that she can put on at any time, and when they hit, they hurt like hell. Note she tends to be embarrassed when asked about her size.

And finally, the bonafide bad-ass herself, Southern Ocean Oni. :3

Rainier's Report: Possibly the only one among the Himes to have three forms, and essentially being the strongest of the Himes. She and I have sparred plenty of times, and she's proven herself to be very strong. We tend to get along very well, though, and she even shows me more fighting techniques. Guess you can teach the best some new stuff.
PS: Don't EVER break her stuff. Nagato got an ass-whooping the last time a plasma TV broke.

So yeah. Those are three of the Abyssal Fleet's leaders. :3

Made in Kisekae. :3

All three of them and Kantai Collection belong to Kadokawa Games. :3
Travelling on Facebook, sees a friend post a picture of a game about ships, decides to try it out. :3

Best, Find, Ever. :3

The game is called Naval Front-Line: Web Alpha, and it's a very good ship combat game. You start off with a small destroyer of any of five nations currently in the game: Japan, Amareica, Britain, Germany, and Russia, and you use your ship to blast others out of the water. You can also do these missions that take you into scenarios of real WW2 naval battles, like the Battle of Java, Invasion of Norway, Hunt of the Bismarck, and others, and get bits and experience depending on how many hits you land and how many kills you get. And the best part? NOT MADE BY WARGAMING! :3 No offense, but their game economy and mechanics are monster amounts of bullshit. :shakefist: But really, no Stealth Tanks or Arty to fuck you over in the ass, no speedy as fuck light or medium tanks to do some bullshit on your ass, and NO RNG. :D Seriously, RNG is SUCH a monster peeve in WoT it's downright absurd. Anywho, I recommend this game for any seafarers out there. :3

GREAT game economy
Moolah Moolah Moolah Moolah Rockin' Everywhere! :3
Customizable boats
Armor can actually block. Unless hit by AP.
Name yer boat. :3
You get an anime filly as an officer. :3
Stagger Fire.
No offense to Wargaming, but this game is just LOADS better than those abominations of mechanics in your Tonka Trucks game. x3 Yes, I officially called World of Tanks World of Tonka Trucks. :XD:

Somewhat hard-to-use controls, until you get used to them.
Can't use all guns; have to use them in groups.

All those aside, this is still a good game. :3
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The one and true Prince of Shadows. :3

Types of RPs I can do:
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People who I trust:
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For your viewing pleasure of me blowing stuff up, go to my YouTube page. Videos hot off the bat when available. :3…

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People who I accepted apologies from:
:iconmarine1337: Admitted to Mary Sue-ing and high crimes against the Empire. I might forgive him a little bit.

RP Wars:
Quit. They just aren't enjoyable anymore. :P

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