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Kisekae: Abyssal Himes by WyvernsBlade
Kisekae: Abyssal Himes
A few of the Abyssal Himes, plus one Oni, from the Kantai Collection world made in Kisekae. :3

First off is the small, adorable, but tough Northern Ocean Hime, also known as Hoppo-Chan. :3

Rainier's Report: The smallest of the Himes, but the most adorable out of all of them. She tends to come up with something silly yet adorable at times. Often, this drags her big sister, Seaport, along with Airfield, Isolated Island, myself, and others. Rumor has it she constantly gets hounded and harassed by "Nagamon." Then again, who would NOT want to cuddle her?
PS: Remind me to pack a Zero or Reppu in my cargo hold.

Next is the big, lovely, yet shy and sensitive Seaport Hime, or Harbour Princess. :3

Rainier's Report: Naturally the biggest of the Himes, and considered my best friend. :3 She's the big sister of Hoppo, though I think of her more as a mother than just a big sister. While she doesn't look anywhere like a combative type, I would strongly advise against messing with Hoppo. She has detachable claws that she can put on at any time, and when they hit, they hurt like hell. Note she tends to be embarrassed when asked about her size.

And finally, the bonafide bad-ass herself, Southern Ocean Oni. :3

Rainier's Report: Possibly the only one among the Himes to have three forms, and essentially being the strongest of the Himes. She and I have sparred plenty of times, and she's proven herself to be very strong. We tend to get along very well, though, and she even shows me more fighting techniques. Guess you can teach the best some new stuff.
PS: Don't EVER break her stuff. Nagato got an ass-whooping the last time a plasma TV broke.

So yeah. Those are three of the Abyssal Fleet's leaders. :3

Made in Kisekae. :3

All three of them and Kantai Collection belong to Kadokawa Games. :3
Kisekae: Southern Oni's Agitation by WyvernsBlade
Kisekae: Southern Oni's Agitation
I'd hate to be whoever South's talking to right about now... <:3

It seems somepony made South mad by destroying her new 70-inch Plasma Widescreen TV. Let me guess: It was Nagato, wasn't it?

By the way, if you ask, this is a reference to TFS's Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Episode 2, where Luke Valentine breaks into Alucard's room by blowing up his TV. And needles to say, Alucard was pretty peeved about it. But that doesn't stop him from making lots of Smart-Ass remarks. :XD: Pretty sure Southern Oni will do a bit of the same. :3

SO! How can she help you!? >:3


Made in Kisekae. :3

Southern Ocean Oni belongs to Kadokawa Games. :3

And you know where the scene is. Don't be lazy. :dummy:
Kisekae: Rainier and Seaport in bikinis by WyvernsBlade
Kisekae: Rainier and Seaport in bikinis
So I made another Kisekae thingy of Seaport and Rainier having some relax time at the pool. :3

It's gonna take a while, but eventually, those two will be best of friends. :iconhurrplz:

Don't worry, Seaport. As far as Teitoku's concerned, you're in good hands with Dreadnought Rainier. x3

Made in Kisekae. :3

Seaport Hime belongs to Kadokawa Games. :3

Dreadnought Rainier belongs to me. :3
Kisekae: Rainier meets Seaport by WyvernsBlade
Kisekae: Rainier meets Seaport
It's the meeting of the biggest boats of the fleets. :3

Seaport Hime of the Abyssal Fleet from Kantai Collection meets Flagship Rainier of the Draconian Navy from Battle Pirates. :3

It would appear this would be their first time meeting, but somehow, Seaport doesn't look too confident. x3 Rainier, on the other hand, seems like she wants to snuggle Seaport for a long time. :iconhurrplz:

Made in Kisekae. :3

Flagship Rainier belongs to me, and Seaport Hime belongs to Kadokawa Games. :3
Kisekae: Grimshine's Wrath by WyvernsBlade
Kisekae: Grimshine's Wrath
She's back. And someone's gonna die! :iconohfuckplz:

Meet Grimshine's Wrath, the latest in the Reaver Horde's arsenal.

Built from their newest hull, the Hellhound, Grimshine's Wrath is the Reaver warlord's newest flagship. She is meant to lead the Reavers' missile-based fleets against their enemies with improved missile reload for the whole fleet. Unlike other Reaver hulls, however, Grimshine's Wrath not only carries her Berserker's Overload effect, but also has an experimental weapon known as the "Alpha Strike," which makes a giant explosion to devastate any hostile that gets close to it, whenever she achieves any third Overload. Worse yet is the fact that it can also stun hostiles for 4 seconds on ships and 12 seconds on structures. And finally, it leaves behind a field of firey death that gradually kills any ship that sails into it. What her Overload does not do, however, is grant defense buffs like her Berserker does. She is also fast and highly evasive, like all other Reaver hulls, so underestimation will definitely be the fastest route to defeat.

Made in Kisekae. :3

Grimshile's BROKE AS FUCK Wrath belongs to "A Money-Hungry Company." :dummy:

It was nice knowing ya if you happen to trigger her Alpha Strike. ^^;
Travelling on Facebook, sees a friend post a picture of a game about ships, decides to try it out. :3

Best, Find, Ever. :3

The game is called Naval Front-Line: Web Alpha, and it's a very good ship combat game. You start off with a small destroyer of any of five nations currently in the game: Japan, Amareica, Britain, Germany, and Russia, and you use your ship to blast others out of the water. You can also do these missions that take you into scenarios of real WW2 naval battles, like the Battle of Java, Invasion of Norway, Hunt of the Bismarck, and others, and get bits and experience depending on how many hits you land and how many kills you get. And the best part? NOT MADE BY WARGAMING! :3 No offense, but their game economy and mechanics are monster amounts of bullshit. :shakefist: But really, no Stealth Tanks or Arty to fuck you over in the ass, no speedy as fuck light or medium tanks to do some bullshit on your ass, and NO RNG. :D Seriously, RNG is SUCH a monster peeve in WoT it's downright absurd. Anywho, I recommend this game for any seafarers out there. :3

GREAT game economy
Moolah Moolah Moolah Moolah Rockin' Everywhere! :3
Customizable boats
Armor can actually block. Unless hit by AP.
Name yer boat. :3
You get an anime filly as an officer. :3
Stagger Fire.
No offense to Wargaming, but this game is just LOADS better than those abominations of mechanics in your Tonka Trucks game. x3 Yes, I officially called World of Tanks World of Tonka Trucks. :XD:

Somewhat hard-to-use controls, until you get used to them.
Can't use all guns; have to use them in groups.

All those aside, this is still a good game. :3
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The one and true Prince of Shadows. :3

Types of RPs I can do:
Any kind is fine. EXCEPT YAOI.

People who I trust:
Pretty much most of my watchers/ friends. :3

For your viewing pleasure of me blowing stuff up, go to my YouTube page. Videos hot off the bat when available. :3…

Good people:
:iconneutral-death: Good friend, great World of Tanks player. Also, E-75s make arguments invalid, and he has and E-75, so... :3

:iconechoofmystery: One of my first DA friends. Great guy overall and good DBZ-er. Also, we occasionally troll each other. :trollface:

People who I despise/wish Rosalia Virus on:

:iconchiefmageddon: For EPIC Mary-Sueing and taking EPIC offense at nudity. Status: Perma-Blocked. It'd be a waste of time and intelligence trying to get through to that brick.

People who I accepted apologies from:
:iconmarine1337: Admitted to Mary Sue-ing and high crimes against the Empire. I might forgive him a little bit.

RP Wars:
Quit. They just aren't enjoyable anymore. :P

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